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Staking Instructions

All grow bag trees and most upright trees (container or B&B) over 4 feet tall should be staked. If you're not sure if you should stake your plants, please ask a nursery associate.


Use 4 foot stakes


Use 5 foot stakes


Use 6 foot stakes

Drive 2 stakes just outside of the planting hole on opposite sides of the tree (one on the East side and one on the West). Attach one end of black plastic chain to the top of each stake and the other end to the trunk of the tree at about the same height.

tree staking diagram

Except for conifers planted in fall, allow supports to remain in place no longer than one year. Fall planted conifers should have supports in place for a year and a half.

Please note: Leyland Cypress in grow bags require a special planting and staking procedure.

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