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Planting Instructions

PLEASE CARRY PLANTS BY THEIR CONTAINERS OR ROOT BALL. Carrying plants by their tops or trunks may cause the weight of the soil ball to break the roots from the trunk.

Plants should be watered immediately after their arrival at your home. Until planting, water plants daily. Newly planted material should be watered according to our instructions.

These instructions are for planting container plants outside of planting beds. If you are planting a new bed, follow these instructions.


container planting diagram

STEP 1: Prepare planting hole

Dig a hole 1 foot wider than the diameter of the root ball. Make the depth so that 1/8 of the root ball will be ABOVE the surrounding soil level.

STEP 2: Prepare plant material

  • Remove plant from the container either by turning it over and tapping the bottom or by cutting the pot.
  • If plant is root bound (roots circle around soil ball and appear tightly matted), use a knife or pruners to make 4 slices from top to bottom of the root ball. Cuts should be 1/2" deep and equal distance apart.
  • Place plant in hole.

STEP 3: Planting

Backfill the sides with a mixture of 2/3 soil from the hole and 1/3 leaf gro, mulch, or peat moss. DO NOT PLANT TOO DEEPLY. Remember, 1/8 of the root ball should be above the surrounding soil level. Tamp the soil firmly around the root ball, eliminating all air pockets.

STEP 4: Finishing

  • Fertilize with Osmocote slow release fertilizer.
  • Cover with a 1" layer of mulch over the root ball and 2-3" over the rest of the planting area. Keep mulch away from the trunk or stem.
  • WATER WATER WATER, as described in the watering instructions.

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